This site contains information about texts by P. G. Wodehouse in Swedish translations.

On some of the subpages I have, at the end of the page, added a short list with translations into English of some important Swedish words . 


Bengt Malmberg has written an essay about Wodehouse and Sweden which was published in Wooster Sauce sept 2013 and in Plum Lines 2014. You can find a revised version of this here: pgw-conquers-sweden.pdf

Responsible for the site is Tomas Prenkert, email: [email protected]. You are very welcome with questions, for instance about translation!

There is a "sister" homepage for Wodehouse "research" in Sweden. It contains articles, (some in english) and presentations of ongoing studies. Follow this link:


Here follows a short summary of the contents of each subpage in the black bar on the top of this page.

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WODEHOUSE I SVENSK PRESS : A bibliography of texts by Wodehouse published in Swedish magazines and newspapers. It is arranged in alphabethical order by the names of the magazine/newspaper, and there is a link to a list in chronological order. This bibliography is a result of a research project that Bengt Malmberg and I are working with. Most of them (over 100 publications!) are short stories but we have also found four novels as serials.

NYA NOVELLSAMLINGAR :  Information about:

- An anthology with all the 19 short stories about Ukridge was published October 2021 by the Swedish Wodehouse Society. Editor Björn Bergström. Most translations by members of the Society.
- An anthology was published October 2015 by the Swedish Wodehouse Society. It contains short stories that were never before translated into Swedish. Seven members of the Society made the translations. I had the honour of beeing editor.
- Two anthologies from 2010 and 2011 with short stories by Wodehouse that Bengt and I have edited. All translations are from old magazines and are not printed before in books in Swedish.
- An anthology 2013 with stories inspired by Sherlock Holmes, exclusively for members of the Wodehouse Society in Sweden and The Baskerville Hall Club of Sweden. Editor: Bengt Malmberg

ANTOLOGIER : A bibliography of  anthologies in Swedish in which Wodehouse is represented together with other authors.

BÖCKER : A bibliography of all books in Swedish by Wodehouse, with information about all editions and pictures of their fronts. You can also find a link to a list of reviews in Swedish press of books by Wodehouse.

LÄSVÄRT OM PLUM : Bengt´s selection of the best articles in Swedish about Wodehouse. You can also find links to
- a presentation by Bengt of English biographies about Wodehouse (updated 2018),
- a list of reviews of English biographies about Plum in Swedish press,
- a list of articles in Swedish press after his death.

ÖVRIGT : Some other information about
- movies made in Sweden based on books by Wodehouse,
- comedies and musicals by him given by theatres in Sweden,
- TV-programs about him made in Sweden.

NOVELLER PÅ SVENSKA : A list of all short stories (in alphabethic order by English title) that have been translated into Swedish, with information about different translations and where and when they were published.